About us

First published in 1969 Tunnels and Tunnelling International continues to hold the highest reputation of any magazine in the tunnelling industry and is today a leading source of information about the business you are in, that is approaching 50 years of continuous service to the industry.

Through face to face contact with clients, project development groups, consulting engineers and contractors as well as equipment and materials suppliers, Tunnels and Tunnelling International is an invaluable publication for today’s tunnelling professional. The subscribers to this long established market-leading magazine are civil engineering tunnelling professionals, making our readers your target audience.

Tunnels and Tunnelling covers all aspects of the underground construction sector and the engineering companies involved. Specific applications of tunnelling/underground construction include; transport (road/rail/metro), water conveyance (potable, wastewater, hydroelectric), utilities (electricity/telecoms/fuel), caverns (from scientific research establishments to LPG storage caverns, thermal energy storage, wine production, public buildings).

Editorial content covers infrastructure planning through to design, ground/site investigation, construction methodology, logistics, machinery and equipment, new technologies, rock mechanics, groundwater engineering, ground stabilisation, ventilation and operational systems, contractual and legal issues, specifications and standards, fire safety and more.

Tunnels and Tunnelling is also the official magazine of the British Tunnelling Society, which appoints an Editorial Advisory Board to play an active part in ensuring the publication maintains its unique well-informed overview of the whole industry.

Research proves that Tunnels and Tunnelling is the first choice for tunnelling professionals. Results of readership surveys have shown that Tunnels and Tunnelling is by far the most highly regarded magazine in the tunnelling industry.