Acombination charging-vehicle from Normet has been designed especially for large tunnel profiles. It is equipped with two charging baskets, which makes it possible to use emulsion and ANFO charging methods simultaneously in the same tunnel face, says the company. Both charging systems can be used in both baskets. The vehicle is equipped with one 2500kg emulsion matrix tank and two 1000kg ANFO tanks.

In large tunnels, explosive costs per tunnel metre can, says Normet, be minimised by using emulsion in the contour holes and ANFO in the cut holes. Also, charging work time will be shorter because there is no need for manual charging with cartridges, it says.

A versatile boom system designed for tunnel construction is said to mean that a switch can be made quickly from a heavy-duty installation device to a special device suitable for concrete spraying with quick clamping. Says Normet: “Instead of two separate, heavy machines, there is only need for one multi-purpose machine unit at the work site.”


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Normet’s combination charging-vehicle