The DOWELOCK consists of a connecting dowel moulded from a high-strength, high-durability plastic, together with two locking assemblies; one cast into each of the adjacent tunnel segments. These assemblies incorporate patented collets that allow the dowel to enter with a minimum compression force and then lock, preventing the dowel from withdrawing.

DOWELOCK can be used with all types of segmental lining including trapezoidal rings, as the collets are retained in such a way as to allow the dowel to be entered off line. The dowel acts finally in the alignment of the segments before locking and providing resistance to both tensile and shear forces. The full locking capacity of the dowel is maintained with up to a 15mm gap between adjacent units.

DOWELOCK is designed to operate with both hydrophilic and compression gaskets. The dowel has the performance to restrain forces generated by both types of gaskets minimising joint gaps and offsets.

Where greater shear and tensile loads are required Bosworth Plastics offer a steel zinc coated plastic sleeved dowel giving tensile loads in excess of 90kN along with a shear value in excess of 280kN.

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