For almost 20 years, Condat has worked closely with TBM manufacturers around the world to develop and refine solutions for improved machine performance. “Thanks to its experience, built through regular presence on jobsites, Condat has developed specific products to face extremely critical situations,” says the company.

Within Condat’s range of watertight tail seal grease products (WR 89/89S and WR 90/90S) is the Condat Emergency Seal, which is highly recommended by the company for emergency situations. “Its specific compounds react and expand in the presence of water,” says Condat, “in order to completely stop any water or mortar ingress.”

The company says the Emergency Seal is totally miscible and compatible with WR products and can be injected instead of the WR products by means of the same pump “without any reaction within the feeding lines”.

Recently used in Madrid, Seville and in Asturias, the Condat Emergency Seal again proved its capability, says Condat: “These TBMs could move forward despite severe damage to the brushes and passed fault lines full of water, maintaining optimal watertightness.”


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