Grindex recently announced the launch of its Master Inox, the first model in the new pump series Inox. The series comprises three drainage and three sludge pumps in stainless steel. The new pumps originate from Grindex’s well-known red Proline pumps, with the cast aluminium replaced by cast stainless steel. This gives the pumps the ability to handle extremely corrosive fluids with pH values from 2-10.

The stainless steel pumps are designed for use in demanding applications like mines, process industries and harbours, where corrosive water will destroy conventional pumps in a short period of time.

“The stainless Inox pumps have been tested and evaluated in extreme conditions, pumping both acidulous and alkali fluids,” says Grindex. “In all tests, the pumps have coped with the extreme environments and worked well during the test period.”

The biggest difference between the red Proline pumps and the new Inox pumps is the cast parts; in Inox all cast aluminium parts are replaced by acid proof stainless steel (SS2343/EN316). The Inox pumps have many spare parts in common, i.e. the shaft seal that fits all Inox pumps. These details are said to simplify service and minimise the stock of spare parts.

Just as other Grindex pumps, the Inox pumps come equipped with an air vent that makes the impeller work as a fan and cools the motor should the pump run dry. They can also be equipped with ‘Smart’, a motor protection unit that is said to protect the pump from single phasing, incorrect direction of rotation and overheating.


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