One of the most important highway connections in Europe, the A7 motorway, runs north to south for almost 1,000km from Denmark to Austria and through Germany. With the construction of the Reinertshof Tunnel near Füssen, the final gap leading up to the Austrian border will be filled.

The 645m-long tunnel, which has a double-tube rectangular cross-section, was constructed using the cut-and-cover method. With two formwork sets, the advanced section – which is three cycles ahead – can, says PERI, be concreted at the same time as closing the remaining gap, each with lengths of 8m. This accelerates the construction progress and reduces the site length from the foundations to the finished tunnel to a maximum of 48m.

The company adds: “Walls and slabs can be constructed semi-monolithically in one working stage with the PERI tunnel formwork carriage. Here, the new VARIOKIT construction set with mostly rentable standard components is used. Vertical support is provided by HD 200 heavy-duty props. SRU steel walers and RCS climbing rails are used very cost-effectively as wall steel wallers and slab beams. VARIOKIT diagonal bracing functions as pressure joints.”

The wall formwork can be hydraulically retracted on both sides by 10cm. Raising and lowering equipment allows the complete carriage to be hydraulically lifted into the required concreting position and subsequently lowered again.

PERI again: “Electrically-operated drive units from the VARIOKIT range of accessories ensure fast moving procedures to the next cycle. The fact that only three rows of ties are needed in the walls results in an additional time advantage.”

It is said to take less than five minutes for the Lutzenberger site crew to move a formwork carriage to the next position. “The labour-saving and simple operations with the hydraulic striking and shuttering device, as well as the drive system, reduce moving times to a minimum. In addition, PERI´s practical solution is extremely inexpensive as almost only standard components are used,” the company concludes.


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