Mike Glover, Arup fellow, technical director and deputy project director of the CTRL project, delivered his IStrucE Gold Medal address on Wednesday 25 June. Mike was awarded the IStructE Gold Medal earlier this May. Previous winners include Ove Arup (1973), Jack Zunz (1988), Santiago Calatrava (1992), Michel Virlogeux (1996) and Duncan Michael (2000).

Mike’s speech, entitled ‘Observations of a Projects Engineer’, took the audience through a journey of the highlights of his education and career. He presented his forward thinking on many important issues that our industry is facing today, including the need for broadening the curriculum for engineering degrees, the importance of research and development in the working environment, successful teams and client relationships. As one of the masterminds behind the CTRL project, he also provided some insights into the success of this 10-year project, one of the biggest UK infrastructure projects in history, which was delivered on time and on budget.

Mike Glover joined Arup as a graduate in 1969. He became the project director for the HSBC Headquarters in Hong Kong at the young age of 32. In 2006, Mike received the Arup fellowship, the highest technical recognition within the firm. Mike is currently leading the £4bn Forth Bridge project, the largest infrastructure projects in Scotland for more than a generation.