Putzmeister offers a wide range of machinery for tunnel construction including:

  • Injection systems for mortar filling between tubbings and ring space
  • Equipment for pumping, mixing and distributing concrete in tunnels
  • Shotcrete manipulators of various sizes.
  • Pumps for muck removal

The company also offers a range of multi-purpose vehicles called “Mover”. These recently introduced vehicles are centre steered and based on the same power drive including cabin (front) and the same chassis for carrying different modules (back).

The range is available as a Mover mixer with 4 and 5 cu m mixer capacity; Mover scissor lift 33 with service platform capable of lifting 3.3t to a height of about 3.7m; Mover crane platform CP 20, and Mover personal carrier PC 20 to transport up to 20 people and their equipment to the tunnel working area.


Tel: +49 7127 599-353
Email: kronenbergj@pmw.de
Web: www.putzmeister.com

Putzmeister offers a wide range of machinery