Aslan GFRP rebar has been used in 200 “Soft-Eye” openings throughout the world to facilitate TBM launch and reception. The Channel Tunnel Rail Link under the River Thames in London, the Taipei 101 rail station, the largest diameter TBM used in Shanghai, the Portland Big Pipe CSO, Dubai Metro, Delhi Metro and NY City East Side Access are examples of projects where contractors are said to have discovered the benefits of using the soft-eye opening method first pioneered by Aslan FRP in 1996.

Aslan GFRP bars are said to offer high strength along the length of the bar, but can, says Hughes Brothers, easily be abraded or ‘consumed’ by tunnelling equipment. This unique property of these high strength reinforcing bars offers many benefits simplifying TBM launch and reception as well as pre-consolidation in NATM/SEM tunnelling.

As well as soft-eye openings, Aslan FRP bars are also used as ‘removable anchorages’ for soil-nailing and as rock bolts in tunnelling and mining thanks to a proprietary anchorage that develops the full capacity of the high strength GFRP bars.

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