TBMs manufactured by The Robbins Company are engineered for durability and performance, ensuring the completion of even the most difficult underground construction projects, says the company. Robbins TBMs currently hold more than 90% of all world records for high speed tunnelling, it claims.

The TBMs are available in several types, including main beam, double shield, single shield, and earth pressure balance machines. Each is custom-designed for the specific requirements of individual projects.

The Robbins Company says it has proven the benefit of initial onsite assembly on machines such as the 14.4m diameter main beam TBM for the Niagara Tunnel Project. The company explains: “The assembly method saved approximately four to five months on the TBM delivery schedule. Initial onsite assembly is planned for several other projects, including two main beam TBMs (12.4m and 7.2m in diameter) for the Jinping-II Hydropower Station in China. The unique TBMs will feature raised machine designs to accommodate expected water inflows into the tunnels.”

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A Robbins hard rock TBM is installed on site