Its promoters style Bauma 2001 as “The World Fair” – and with justification. Now held every three years, the 26th construction machinery exhibition, put on by the Bavarians, will be bigger and more international than ever.

There will be 2,262 exhibitors, of whom 48% are from outside Germany. They will cram every sort of machine imaginable on 445,000m² of exhibition space. Some 160,000m² of the exhibition will be under cover in the vast halls of Munich’s vast new exhibition centre, which has been extended with yet two more halls since its debut as the Bauma venue in 1998. Despite this, exhibitors were tussling with the organisers for even more display space at the world’s biggest, most comprehensive (and most exhausting) exhibition. The Bauma catalogue merely lists the companies present and their specialties, but the result is a 40mm thick wedge of fine print.

Tunnelling equipment was “one of the star industries” at Bauma, according to Dr Reinhold Festgie, chairman of the German Trade Association of Construction Equipment & Building Material Machines Manufacturers, VDMA.

Speaking at the press preview in January he quoted the successful completion of Hamburg’s 14.2m diameter Elbe Tunnel as an “unparalleled” achievement. The manufacturer of that machine, Herrenknecht, will be at the exhibition along with many other specialist tunnel equipment firms.

The 6th International Symposium on Tunnel Construction will be held as part of Bauma on 4 and 5 April with a theme of “global tunnelling”. The detailed list of presentations was still being finalised when T&TI went to press but for an on the door admission fee of only DM240 ($112) delegates are promised four blocks of lectures.

Block one includes latest technology developments based on projects in Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong and Canada. Block two is “large scale tunnel construction projects” such as the Western Schelde crossing, Berlin’s new rail tunnel, the Bologna to Florence tunnels for the high speed railway under the Appenines, and shield driven tunnels for Singapore metro.

The second day of the conference will begin with a series of lectures on “New approaches to tunnel construction”, a build, operate and transfer project in Germany and “use of competition-oriented management” to build the fourth tube of the Elbe Tunnel. The final session is on new techniques, special purpose machinery, and “the latest engineering and construction solutions for difficult geological conditions”.

Up to the moment details are promised on the Bauma Symposium Hotline Tel: + 49 89 949-11349, by fax on + 49 89 949-11349 and from

For another DM240, or a combined discounted ticket for both symposia at DM450 ($210), delegates are promised three blocks of lectures on the latest developments in microtunnelling and sewer construction for projects in The 5th International Symposium on Microtunnel Construction. Projects in Peru, Hong Kong, Thailand, the US, Russia and Switzerland will be covered.

Some of the leading tunnelling exhibitors are:


Location: Hall B2 Stand 111
Tel.: +49 (0)9622 18 335
Fax: +49 (0)9622 18 379

Process plants for the regeneration of bentonite slurries a field in which AKW Apparate+Verfahren boasts extensive experience. Named Bentonit 2000, AKW’s key computerised process offers a compact design combined with high separation efficiency in all service conditions.

Slurry cleaning is performed in three stages: after scalping off the coarse material, two hydrocyclones are used in series. The underflow of both is fed to a dewatering screen , the coarser grains from the first stage being used as a pre-coat layer onto which the fine-grain underflow of the second stage is fed. A third stage is possible for highly cohesive and silty fractions using hydrocyclones, centrifuges or filter presses according to customer requirements.


Location: Open area Block 1006/1
Tel: +41 56 649 31 11
Fax: +41 56 649 32 04

The Aliva Division of Sika will be promoting several products. The division specialises in the development and production of shotcreting packages for tunnelling and mining, based on economical spraying systems as well as ecological concrete admixtures and sealing/drainage systems.

On show will be concrete spraying machines, in particular the “Duplo” which comprises telescopic spraying arms, a liquid dosing unit, plus carrier-mounted, mini and Universal concrete spraying systems.

Aliva will also be promoting its sales and marketing arm including a worldwide network of distributors. Also on offer is customer software on applied shotcrete, comparative analyses of different shotcreting methods and the “Aliva Modular” flexible spraying system.

Atlas Copco

Location: Open area Block 1110/5
Tel: +46 19 670 7000
Fax: +46 19 670 7393

Full details of the big news from Atlas Copco for the tunnelling fraternity is being saved up for Bauma when its new Swellex+25 rock bolts will be shown for the first time.

Atlas Copco is promising a new generation of its expanding folded tube anchor design with more loading capacity than current bolts and 25% more elongation. Swellex has been around for two decades now and the rock drilling company is promising that this will be the biggest single advance in the system since its original launch.

Dominating the stand will be the Rocket Boomer XL3 C three boom fully computerised tunnelling rig launched to the market last year. The automated drilling rig features what is claimed to be a “state-of-the-art” cabin for the operator and is designed to work in faces up to 169m² and 12.8m high.

New crawler rigs for surface work will be led by the new ROC F9 with the high power COP 2550 rock drill. Atlas Copco Robbins raise borers will also be featured.

Belloli SA

Location: Open area Block 307/5
Tel: +41 91 820 38 88
Fax: +41 91 820 38 88

The Belloli product range covers rock anchors, arch rings and steel supports, ventilation systems, pumps for concrete, shotcrete and water; diesel and battery operated locomotives; wheeled dump trucks; conveyors, elevators and cranes.

Its rock bolts have been used in the major Swiss tunnels of San Gotthard, San Bernardino and the Vereina and are also used in the AlpTransit project. For a number of years, Belloli has been supplying self-drilling rock anchors in considerable quantities for the BOLU tunnel project in Anatoly, Turkey and other major projects throughout the world.

At Bauma Belloli will unveil the all wheel driven and steered CVS-Dump truck DM 3227. More than 20 of these diesel engine Dumper Trucks are currently working in Switzerland on projects such as NEAT and the Zurich bypass.


Location: Open area F123, Block 1209
Tel: +39 02354761
Fax: +39 023545693

On display on CIFA’s stand will be concrete mixing plants in the Cifamix range with an hourly ready mixed output from 75 to 120m³. Other highlights will be the Projeko recyling plant for treating fresh concrete residues and washing water from concrete mixers and pumps, plus high performance truck mixers and truck mixer pumps. These include the Magnum 25-5″ with a new pumping unit, 200mm diameter pumping cylinders and closed electronic circuit, and the new Magnum 20-4″.

Truck-mounted pumps and placing booms, sprayed concrete machinery and systems, and steel forms for tunnels with different dimensions and functions complete the line up.

Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik

Location: Hall C3 Stand 313/414
Tel: +49-234-975-2010
Fax: +49-234 975-2060

With its years of experience in cutting technology as a manufacturer of heavy-duty roadheaders, Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik has developed hydraulically driven milling cutters which can be mounted on an excavator.

Since 1994, ETH series Hydraulic Milling Cutters have been used widely with a record of success. The cutter comprises an Eickhoff gearbox and a pair or transverse cutting heads fitted with round shank picks, and is mounted to an excavator in lieu of the bucket.

Driven by a hydraulic motor which is fed with pressurised oil from the excavator, the simple and compact design is maintenance-free and is suitable for cutting industrial minerals, natural rocks, concrete and masonry.

Applications are tunnelling, milling of trenches down to a width of 700mm without overbreak, demolition, asphalt cutting, as well as underwater use down to 10m depth.

The ETH 30, ETH 50, and for the first time the ETH 200 will be exhibited at Bauma.

Häny & Cie

Location: Hall C3 Stand 308
Tel.: +41 (0)1 925 41 11
Fax: +41 (0)1 923 62 45

Häny & Cie’s stand will reflect its range of grouting products.

The ZMP 700 generation of grout pumps can handle low viscosity suspensions or backfill mortar up to 8mm particle size, and have high volume/high pressure characteristics for long distance pumping.

The company’s HCM high-shear colloidal mixers offer user-friendly operation, good cleaning facilities and low wear, while the IC 310 and IC 325 compact grout plants can also be used for the mixing and pumping of bentonite suspensions for microtunnelling. The larger models IC 650 and IC 1400 have been redesigned to improve handling and operation.

Up to six grout lines can be monitored on the HFR pressure and flow recording system with the data processed on a PC. Individual grout pumps can be controlled based on previously entered criteria such as maximum pressure, total quantity or minimum flow rate.

Using several small pumps of the ZMP 600 series and the HFR Recording System, versatile and economic multiple hole grout plants can be combined. Each grout line is supplied by a separate pump resulting in a considerable reduction of the overall grouting time. Pressure and flow can be set for each pump individually.

Finally Häny builds high capacity portable mixing plants for slurry wall suspensions up to 50m³/h and grout plants with automated weigh-batch process.


Location: Hall C3 Stand 409/508
Tel: +49 (0) 78 24 30 20
Fax: +49 (0) 78 24 34 03
Email:info@herrenknecht .de

Herrenknecht is among the leading companies in the tunnelling technology market, covering the entire range of machine types. Its 900 tunnelling machine models, with diameters ranging between 100mm and 14.2m, have drilled tunnels and pipe conduits throughout the world.

Current attention is on the development and construction of a continuous tunnelling system for soft ground. Optimum machine guidance and kinematics make it possible for the first time to tunnel and install lining ring segments simultaneously. The 9.785m diameter machine is constructing the 4.2km long Sophia rail tunnel near Rotterdam, and initial tests indicate that tunnelling performance is increased by up to 60%. Herrenknecht is competing for the innovation prize at Bauma with this technology.

Switzerland is establishing a trendsetting rail infrastructure for freight and passenger traffic and Herrenknecht has supplied two hard rock TBMs for the first tunnel sections of the Lötschberg Base Tunnel. The single cantilever gripper machines allow rock stabilisation only a few metres behind the cutting head. Herrenknecht also offers Bauma visitors an insight into the experience and tunnelling performance achieved during the drilling of the Steg entrance gallery.

In addition to various large-scale projects in Singapore and China, Herrenknecht has also added to its microtunnelling range with horizontal directional drilling equipment. The HDD rig modules weigh up to 25t and can be quickly installed.

ITT Flygt

Location: Hall A6 Stands 435/534
Tel: +49 5 11 78 00 530
Fax: +49 5 11 78 00 9530

ITT Flygt will be showing its construction pumps including the BIBO pumps available in 16 sizes with 39 curves for nearly all points of operation. Selling points are said to be resistance to wear provided by a nitrile rubber hydraulic coating; a chromium alloyed cast iron impeller with a hardness of 60 HRC; and patented spiral grooves in the oil housing bottom for optimum safety of the lower mechanical face seals.

Also featured will be 4in.-12in. (100-305mm) deep-well pumps for the construction of deep wells and lowering the water table. These are said to be almost maintenance free and remarkably resistant to wear. The slim-form submersible units have water cooled engines with an incremental rated capacity of 0.25kW to 400kW. The discharge head has a maximum of 450m and discharge volume is up to 580m³/h (20,500ft³/h).

For sewer rehabilitation is the Flygt N-pump with the well tried N-impeller. A relief groove in the pump housing reduces the danger of clogging and the self-cleansing conveyor path allows for over 80% constant efficiency.


Location: Hall C3 Stand 503
Tel: +39 (0)534 32511
Fax: +39 (0)534 32501/2

Palmieri supplies roller cutters and cutting rings to major job sites all over the world. As part of a constant commitment to improvement, Palmieri is now offering new heads to fit existing machines to meet the requirements and conditions of a specific project. The company believes customer convenience and improved and faster production will assure success.

Palmieri’s technicians and sales team will be available at Bauma 2001 to answer technical questions, show drawings and discuss delivery schedules.

Another new field where Palmieri is achieving success is in horizontal directional drilling with the design and production of innovative roller cutters and complete ‘pull back’ heads. Backreamers for hard rock formations with diameters as small as 260mm are in use in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the US. HDD pull back heads of varying diameters will be on display at the Palmieri stand.


Location: Hall B6 Stands 100-103
Tel.: +49 7127-599-0
Fax: +49 7127-599-520

Putzmeister will present numerous innovations in Hall B6 including the large Wetkret WKM 133, in the Shotcrete Buffalo range. This has a newly developed powerful shotcrete arm with 13m vertical reach. The new boom can be unfolded in tunnels as small as 4m height and width, and can be combined with a working platform. The company will also demonstrate KOS 1480 muck-removal decompression pumps working within a closed system. For the simultaneous and uniform back filling of tubbing with mortar there is an injection plant consisting of several rotor pumps of the model BQT 20.

The company is also extending its 24-hour technical support emergency service, already available in Germany, to other countries in Europe and beyond. This will be supported by the new Ergonic Diagnostic System, which locates possible sources of trouble on a boom or concrete pump.

Sandvik Mining & Construction/Rock Tools

Location: Open area Stand 908A
Tel: +358 (0)205-44 121
Fax: +358 (0)205-44 4533

Drilling jumbos and rock drills will be crowded onto Sandvik Tamrock‘s stand at Bauma.

A brand new item will be the HLX 5 T rock drill designed specially for Tamrock’s Axera range of jumbos. The drill is intended for use with T 38 and R 38 drifting rods for hole diameters of between 43mm and 51mm and reaming holes ranging from 89mm to 127mm diameter.

Its special feature is the wide range of torque and rotation speeds that give the drill flexibility for work on a variety of hole types. Robust construction of the drill body and detailed attention to seals and mating surfaces are intended to ensure maximum component life in harsh conditions.

Addition of the Axera T08 has extended the line of Tamrock’s tunnelling jumbos, which also includes the T10, T11 and T12. The related D series jumbos are designed for mining drifts.

Sandvik Mining & Construction also includes the brands Brøyt, EJC, Rammer andToro, and companies Voest-Alpine, Driltech Mission and Roxon. Part of the group is Sandvik Rock Tools, which will have a full range of its products on display. New items include its CAPP (computer aided product processing) drills for drifting and tunnelling jumbos. Standard drills are available off the shelf, along with special bits designed to order.

Raise boring technology and directional drilling techniques have been combined in Sandvik’s hard rock microtunnelling system which is claimed to be controllable to fine tolerances. Directionally drilled near horizontal pilot holes of 300mm diameter are backreamed using modified raise bore heads to diameters of 1m plus.

Recent examples include two hard rock sewer tunnels cut by Skanska in Stockholm. The Skarpnäck-Bagarmossen tunnel is a 400m length of 660mm diameter, with an inclination of 4.7% it was curved to avoid properties and had to intersect, at a vertical tolerance of 300mm, with an existing 2m square tunnel that is 30m below ground level.

Less severe dimensional tolerances were imposed on the Hammarby-Sjöstad tunnel’s 185m long bore at 1060mm diameter through a rock outcrop. The successfully achieved target there was to break out precisely between two oak trees. A hefty penalty fine would have been imposed if either tree had been damaged.

Karl Schaeff

Location: Open area Block 705
Tel: +49(0)7905-58-0
Fax: +49(0)7905-58-1 14

Bauma 2001 is the launch venue for two tunnel machines from established manufacturer Karl Schaeff.

The TE 200 Tunnel Excavator has an upper carriage with full 360-degree swing range. Its small turning radius makes the machine highly flexible in small and medium sized tunnel cross sections, offering a large work zone even on a minimum of space. And with its compact work attachments, the TE 200 can operate efficiently in tunnels between 4.8m and 8m high. The excavator is driven either by a six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine delivering 113kW (fitted with soot filter) or by an electric motor rated at 110kW.

Schaeff will also launch the ITC 320 tunnel machine, an upgraded version of the popular ITC 312. Designed for difficult and delicate excavation in medium-hard rock, the ITC 320 is suitable for small and medium sized tunnel cross sections, fitted with the well-proven hammer/bucket combination. The ITC 320 comes equipped with a combined drive diesel engine/electric motor.


Location: Open area Block 1005
Tel: +49 (0)23 25 987-0
Fax: +49 (0) 23 25 7 29 22

Schwing and Stetter have put together a package of machines, plants and systems for Bauma. Star of Schwing’s show will be the new Super-Boom that combines highest possible efficiency and performance for a truck-mounted concrete pump. Designed as an overhead roll folder, the unit is compact for travelling on public roads. Curve away Super-X outriggers give a small footprint on site and bring the added advantage of allowing a super-long-stroke pump in the basic machine. The claimed result is a steadier machine with reduced levsl of wear in use.

At the other end of the scale is an indoor boom with a foldout height of 5.7m and infinite boom adjustment.

Stetter will unveil a new design of truck mixer and in the batching plant sector has redesigned its M2 foundation-free. The Windows NT2000-based MC400 batching and weighing processor has delivery displays and a radio link to the trucks.

More exhibits will be featured in the April issue of T&TI.