The region’s Metropolitan Council prefers to bridge the light rail over the Kenilworth Channel, which connects two of the city’s popular lakes, in combination with existing freight lines and recreational trails.

The Parks board said it has been advised that the proposed alignment "has failed to properly consider a tunnel under the Kenilworth Channel to determine if it is a prudent and feasible alternative and further that the proposed SWLRT alignment has not included all possible planning to minimize the harm to the park, recreation areas, and historic sites."

Brierley Associates will determine the feasibility of a tunnel alternative to bridging light rail over the Kenilworth Channel within the Kenilworth Corridor and perform an initial comparison of the effects of a tunnel alternative on the park, recreation areas, and historic sites to the SWLRT proposed alignment. As part of the contract Brierley Associates will identify additional work, investigations, or study that would be required to more fully frame the feasibility of the tunnel alternative and to more fully understand various impacts.

On Monday the Metropolitan Council released bridge concepts for the Kenilworth channel calling them, "a nod to nature."