TTS exists to share information on all tunnel-related health, safety and wellbeing issues. It comprises clients, contractors and consultants across the industry, and has worked closely with the BTS for the past few years.

BTS chair Ivor Thomas has written to companies to encourage submissions to the TTS so the resource will become more extensive and helpful over time. He said, “It is a huge opportunity for all of us to support this aim and to participate. To date we have a limited amount of information from only a few construction projects and we would welcome more from across our industry. It is time for an effective step-change. Health, safety and wellbeing are top priorities for all of us, and continual improvement of our performance in these areas is critical to us all.”

If readers have any information to share, please email:

To promote sharing, parties that provide content will be recognised by having their logo added to a ‘contributors’ section of the website.

The TTS section of the BTS website can be found here: