November’s British Tunnelling Society meeting will focus on Hinkley Point C and Balfour Beatty’s Marine Works – Connecting Tunnels Under the Bristol Channel (20,000 mm under the seas).

Internal-Ring-Propping (IRP) is nothing out of the ordinary and used on many projects to support the main tunnel while excavating a cross-passage. However, Balfour Beatty’s IRP system for Hinkley Point C Offshore Connections, which sits just 20,000 mm under the Bristol Channel, is one of a kind.

In this presentation, Balfour Beatty will give an overview of the Tunnel-Shaft Connections and share their journey through the requirements for the design, manufacturing, and installation phase of this unique propping-system at Hinkley Point C.


Christoph Huber – Agent Steel Structures: Tunnel Shaft Connection, Balfour Beatty

James Long – Principal Engineer: Temporary Works Coordinator, Balfour Beatty


This is an in-person lecture; however, it can also be live-streamed online at :

Non-members are more than welcome to attend the event in-person.

Tea & coffee will be served from 17:30 hrs onwards.

Post-lecture drinks and food will be served at the ICE bar, and are sponsored by Balfour Beatty

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