Caterpillar‘s interest in the European tunnelling market was substantiated recently with the announcement of a new remanufacturing business in Shrewsbury, UK.

The facility, to be built in central England, will meet the demand by European, Middle Eastern and African customers for remanufactured engines, engine components, transmissions, and hydraulic components, according to a statement issued by the company.

“Factory remanufactured products offer customers a cost effective way to manage, overhaul and repair costs with like-new product performance,” Caterpillar vice president Mike Baunton said.

Steve Fisher, general manager of CAT’s remanufacturing group added: “By locating this remanufacturing facility closer to our customers, we can significantly improve our response time, offer more customised products to meet regional customer needs, and have the added benefit of lowering our transportation costs,” he said.

CAT is not new to the remanufacturing business, operating one of the largest in the world. It claims to recycle more than 50,000 tonnes of products each year at facilities in the USA and Mexico.

CAT started remanufacturing in the United States in 1972, and it remains an important money maker, as well as environmentally friendly.

“Caterpillar is fully committed to sustainable development, and this opening is a natural extension of that commitment,” Baunton said. “Remanufacturing is an excellent example of how environmental responsibility is not only the right thing to do, it makes good business sense.” Operations in Shrewsbury is anticipated to begin in early 2003, and will begin by remanufacturing Caterpillar and Perkins engines and components from throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.