"We will set up buffer walls for underground stations in those locations," Dono Boestami, director of PT MRT, said on 29 May.

Muhammad Nasyir, construction director of PT MRT Jakarta, said the stations are expected to be finished in two years.

The construction of MRT stations has begun around the Bundaran HI roundabout, causing pavements to be narrowed from 6m 1.5m.

Adjunct Senior Commissioner Bakharudin Muhamma Syah, deputy director of traffic at the Jakarta Police, said more personnel would be deployed to manage vehicles around the projects as traffic jam is sure to worsen.

Urban planning observer Yayat Supiryatna has appealed to PT MRT to prepare a concept to replace the public facilities they plan to demolish. "Show the people that they (PT MRT) are responsible," he said. Yayat also suggested PT MRT meet owners of buildings along the narrowed pavements to move back their fences.