Cowi will complement the NCA’s own project team, assisting the project with engineering work and consulting in all necessary technical disciplines. The NCA places an emphasis on geotechnics, geology, structures, technical installations, corrosion, sustainability/environment, and health, safety, and environment.

Cowi’s team includes Sintef and Longvas Oppmåling as subcontractors

NCA project manager Terje Skjeppestad said Cowi would be an important technical partner in procuring and constructing the world’s first ship tunnel.

“With Cowi on board, we have secured a skilled partner who will assist us with the ship tunnel. Our new technical adviser will be with us until the tunnel is fully constructed, through both preparatory work and in the tendering, design, construction, and completion phases,” said Skjeppestad.

Construction will be carried out by a main contractor through a turnkey contract. This is scheduled to be tendered this year, with construction possibly starting in 2025.

Cowi’s project leader, Espen Viddal, said the company had experience and expertise in tunnel operation and rock caverns which would align with the Stad Ship Tunnel project.

The Stad Ship Tunnel, which will be 1.7km long, 37m high and 26.5m wide, will connect to fjords to allow passenger and cargo ships to more safely navigate the Stadhavet Sea – regarded as the most exposed and dangerous section of the Norwegian coastline.

Tunnel excavation is expected to be by drill and blast, removing 5.4 million m3 of stone.