In February, CRCHI (China Railway Construction Heavy Industry) completed assembly of its slurry pipe jacking machine in Changsha, China, successfully passing the acceptance inspection. This milestone marks the first export of a China-made pipe jacking machine to the Colombian market.

The machine’s destination is Bogotá, where it will tackle a municipal sewage treatment project spanning approximately 2.1 kilometers. Crossing beneath the Bogotá River, the project encounters various strata. The cover depth of the tunnel roof is about 7-11 meters. The project faces engineering challenges such as poor stability of crossing strata, poor slag discharge from clay strata, small launching wells, and long single jacking distances.

In anticipation of these challenges, CRCHI’s R&D team has equipped the machine with multiple proprietary technologies. The cutterhead features a small opening rate panel design, coupled with a high-speed, a high-torque hydraulic drive, and a circulation system boasting high power and displacement. These innovations ensure safe and efficient jacking construction across diverse and complex strata.

The pipe jacking machine will be dismantled and transported by sea to the construction site. After completing the assembling and commissioning, it will officially start excavation, marking a significant step forward in Colombia’s infrastructure development