Jackson has more than 10 years of experience in business development and was responsible for nearly USD 8M in sales over two years as a business development manager at a former organization. He brings a wealth of experience in all aspects of business development strategy and has developed comprehensive programs for broadening the customer base and establishing critical industry partnerships. As a business development manager for a small engineering firm in Michigan, Jackson developed and implemented national growth strategies that tripled gross contract receipts from USD 2M to USD 6M.

Jordan’s 20 years of experience includes a variety of project types and sizes including renovations and new construction projects for industrial clients, federal, state, and local government agencies. He is a Licensed Architect in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Missouri, Florida, New York, and Illinois and is NCARB Certified. He offers a practical and proactive approach to problem solving and project coordination, bringing a wealth of knowledge to DLZ’s architectural practice. He will focus on DLZ’s services in Southeast Michigan.

As a former Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) employee, Welch has more than 11 years of experience in the construction engineering industry, where he successfully led more than USD 150M of construction contracts. Welch will manage DLZ’s Construction Department where he will serve as the project manager on infrastructure projects, provide construction administration/ management services and oversee inspection and testing staff.

Slavik is an engineer in training and holds a Master of Science in Structural Engineering from Michigan Technological University. He has civil engineering experience in concrete footing design, bridge and site inspections, structural analysis and field testing and sampling for soil, concrete, and asphalt.