The lecture, titled Small diameter tunnel excavation and secondary lining construction methodologies at Thames Tideway Central, will be given by Ferrovial Construction staff – Jaime Sevilla, senior project manager, Tideway central west sites; Juan Mendez, project manager, Falconbrook pumping station; and Jorge Rubio, site agent, Cremorne Wharf depot.

As part of the Thames Tideway scheme, the Ferrovial-Laing O’Rourke joint venture completed a significant number of small diameter connection tunnels and culverts excavated using SCL techniques.

The tunnels ranged from 3.1m to 5.8m in diameter and 12m to 250m in length.

An in situ concrete secondary lining was subsequently completed in the tunnels.

The presentation will highlight the different equipment and methodologies employed for both operations, as well as the synergies and efficiencies gained across the different sites.

The speakers will also briefly present an example of a large diameter open face pipe jacking completed in a tidal environment at the Albert Embankment worksite.

The event will be held on Thursday, June 16 at the Institution of Civil Engineers, 1 Great George St, London SW1P 3AA. It will also be streamed on