The 135m-long machine has a diameter of 6.28m. It will be used on the D1 section tunnel of the project in the Beibu Gulf, building a 3.9km tunnel. 

This section crosses through heavily and lightly weathered metamorphic sandstones, while the rest crosses through fault breccia and limestone formations, with a total of 25 developed faults. 

To address the challenging geology, CRCHI has equipped the slurry TBM with technology, including the “multi-access+multi circuit” new slag discharge mode design, which tackles the problem of blockage of silo and pipe caused by large particles such as fracture zones lagging at the bottom of the excavation silo.

The Guangdong Water Resources Allocation Project will increase water supply capacity in Guangdong. Construction work started in August last year and is scheduled to take 96 months to complete.

It is one of 150 water projects under way or planned in China.