Roop Lutchman, global lead asset management, will spearhead the business in North America providing a focus for the growth of the IIE and RAR businesses as well as AM. A published author on the topic and a recognized industry expert in the management consulting area, Roop has worked on numerous international AM benchmarking projects including Canada and the USA.

“Our North American clients are looking for someone who sees the big picture, not only across the whole life cycle of an asset, but across all their portfolios of assets,” he said. “We are extending our services across the entire life cycle of our clients’ projects; from the beginning of the asset’s life cycle, when a project is planned, designed and constructed, through its operations and maintenance, and ultimately to decommissioning, closure and capital recycling.”

GHD Advisory’s business globally is headed by Mark Read. “Our North American team has extensive experience in AM across Canada and the USA. We are seeking to grow this part of our work, while drawing on the skills we have in Australia and New Zealand, to offer new services in North America, such as regulatory advice, strategy, business case, logistics, policy and due diligence for major asset transactions,” he said.