Clare Onal, prinicipal engineer at Mott MacDonald, will outline how Kidston, the first pumped hydro plant to be built in Australia since 1984, is setting a benchmark for similar conversions globally.

This transformative project by renewable energy and storage company Genex Power will be the cornerstone of a renewable energy zone (REZ) that will provide clean, cheap and firm power to the area.

The existing site comprises two gold mine pits with more than 100 years of operations. The pits will be converted into the top and bottom reservoirs for the Kidston pumped storage project.

The project will also require significant underground infrastructure, including a large powerhouse cavern, waterway shafts and tunnels to allow the transfer of water between the reservoirs.

The meeting, at the ICE in Great George St, London, starts at 18:00 (GMT). It is an in-person event but will also be streamed live at