Joint ventures led by Vinci and Hochtief have lined up about 38km of tunnel construction as part of two PPP concession projects recently awarded in Greece.

A Vinci-led JV has been appointed preferred contractor for a 365km long toll motorway concession in Greece by the government.

The motorway will run between Athens and Tsakona via Corinth and Patras, and calls for construction of at least 16km of ‘major’ tunnels, which are classified as at least 500m long.

In total, seven tunnels are to be built and as some are twin the number of tubes to be constructed totals 10, Vinci told T&TI.

Construction works for the concession will last about six years and are valued at about US$2.8bn in total, though the tunnel element was not broken out. Execution of the works will be led by Vinci Construction Grands Projets.

Award of the 30-year concession is subject to financial completion and would see the Apion Kleos JV take on the financing, design, construction and/or repair of the toll motorway. Along with Vinci in the concession company are Hochtief and three local firms – J&P-Avax, Athena and Elliniki Technodomiki unit Aktor.

While the award is the country’s biggest motorway concession, it is not the one with the most tunnels to be built. That plaudit goes to the Hochtief-led consortium that includes mostly the same names and the project requires construction of 22km of new ‘major’ tunnels on the 230km motorway between Maliakos and Kleidi.

While the total length of tunnel to be built for this recently awarded 30 year concession is longer, there are only three major tunnels consisting of six tubes.