A spokesperson for Herrenknecht added, “[The work must be impressive and fascinating for] the five beginners who only left their homelands of Syria, Gambia and Guinea about two years ago. For them, Herrenknecht's training is both a challenge and an opportunity for integration at the same time. At the express wish of the Board of Management, the young refugees came to Schwanau via the municipal employment program, the government employment agency, refugee aid and social workers at the vocational school in Lahr.

“They are now creating a future for themselves at their new domicile in the Ortenau region. All of them speak a little German already. Additional extra tuition will help them improve their language skills as quickly as possible. Wasef Katmawi (25) wants to become an IT specialist. In contrast, 19-year-old Mohammed Hoto is training as a specialist in metal technology. In their homelands the young men often only had incomplete schooling and kept their heads above water with odd jobs.”