Officials from the Civil Engineering and Development Department were seeking the support of local lawmakers as T&TI went to press for the 4.3km dual two-lane Lam Tin road tunnel in Hong Kong’s eastern New Territories.

No costs for the construction of the tunnel have been confirmed by the Hong Kong government, but the tunnel is part of the Route 6 highway that is intended to help improve road links to the Tseung Kwan O area. Sketch plans, showing the proposed alignment, have been done by Maunsell Consultants Asia, which is part of the US Aecom group of companies.

A government briefing, on 24 June, was intended to address concerns by some legislators about the lack of progress on the link. Justifying the length of time being taken, the government said the Lam Tin tunnel has been proposed to replace earlier plans for a Western Coastal Highway.

Government engineers said the tunnel would cause less environmental impact than the coastal road. Pointing out the benefits of the tunnel, officials said the tunnel would require only 12 hectares of land to be reclaimed from the harbour compared with 21 hectares for the coastal road.

Construction of the tunnel is due to start in about 2011 for completion in 2016. About 2.2km of the 4.3km tunnel will be excavated under Devil’s Peak. The scheme also includes construction of a toll plaza and approach roads.