The contract, worth €352m (US$381.4m), includes the construction of a 4.16km bored tunnel with an internal diameter of 8.5m; four stations – Montaudran Gare, L’Ormeau, Limayrac-Cité de l’Espace and Jean Rieux; three ancillary structures and the galleries connecting them to the tunnel; and a 650m-long cut-and-cover tunnel at the southern end of the batch at Montaudran.

Horizon says the project’s main challenges are the phased construction of the end cut-and-cover tunnel, through which the TBM will be launched, and an interface with the viaduct construction site at the end of the tunnel at Montaudran.

In February, Tisséo, the public transport authority for Greater Toulouse, awarded the Lot 2 contract to a consortium of French construction companies Eiffage and NGE, and Lot 3 to a joint venture of Implenia and Demathieu Bard Construction. Earlier this month, Eiffage and NGE were also awarded Lot 1.

Metro Line C is Toulouse’s third metro line. It is set to be commissioned in 2028.