Cincinnati Tunnel Partners was the only bidder for the Eastern and Delta Avenue Sewer Separation Phase 1 when the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (MSDGC) opened bids on April 22.

T&TNA has learnt that the Cincinnati Tunnel Partners consortium, comprising Jay Dee Contractors, Mole Constructors, Murray Hill Construction and Kassouf Company, submitted a bid of US$37,386,840 for the microtunnel alignment option. This includes 6,077 linear ft (1,850m) of 72” (183cm) diameter microtunnel at a unit bid price of US$900/LF for labor, US$1,920/ LF for materials, to give a combined unit price of US$2,820/ LF and US$17,137,140 for the tunnel bore. This option allows for 15 boulder obstructions at US$3,000 labor and US$7,000 materials per occurrence.

An alternative alignment that was not priced, allowed for 6,071 linear ft (1,850m) of 72” (183cm) EPBM, with 20 boulder obstructions.

This phase of the project will see construction of an intercepting sewer and separation of combined sewer overflows. MSDGC said that construction estimates have roughly doubled since those approved by the county in February last year. This is due to new geotechnical reports that document significantly different soil conditions from those previously assumed, plus an increase in pipe size to 72” (183cm) from the previous 48” (122cm) diameter.

The project is due to be substantially completed by March 2010.