All 12 contracts for the construction of the 40km long tunnels on the Madrid Metrosur line have been awarded at a combined cost of $1.4bn. Construction is scheduled to start immediately.

The complete system will comprise 40.8km of single tube, twin track tunnels bored by five EPBMs, four of these machines, two 9.3m diameter Herrenknects and two 9.3m diameter NFMs are already owned by the client and were used on the highly successful Madrid Metro extensions completed last year. Another is due to be purchased to complete the fleet.

Contract 1 is subdivided into three sections 1, 12 and 11. Contract to ACS-VIAS (V2) has been awarded the $250m, 9.6km section. The line, including five stations, will be driven by an NFM EPBM and is scheduled for a 30 month completion time. Contract 2 includes section 2 and 3 and has been awarded to FFC (B) at a cost of $177m. The 7.3km long line has five stations and will be driven by a Herrenknecht EPBM over a scheduled 30 months. The third contract including section 4111B, 4A and 4B will be cut-and-cover using diaphragm walls. Section 4111B (0.4km) and 4A (1.2km) have been awarded to SACYR (var) at a cost of $15m and $9m respectively with a 15 month schedule. Section 4B will be built by OHL (var. 2) at a cost of $43.3m. The 1.5km long line has one station and a 20 month completion time.

Contract 4, awarded to NESCO (B) for $167.2m is 6.5km long with four stations and will be constructed over a scheduled 30 months by an NFM EPBM. This line has two sections, 5 and 6. Subdivided into three parts 7, 8 and 9.

Contract 5 at 7.3km has gone to Gerrovial (Base) at a cost of $177.4M. Driven by an EPBM, yet to be purchased, the six station line is to be built over 30 months. Finally contract 6, section10 has been awarded to DYC (V5) for $195.5m. The 7km long line will be constructed over 29 months by a Herrenknecht EPBM and includes five stations.

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