A train tunnel under Gothenburg has been proposed as part of a package of measures to improve the railway system in the West of Sweden region. In addition to the construction of a tunnel, the proposals include converting the central rail station from a terminus into a through station for commuter and regional trains, while maintaining the existing station for long distance trains, and construction of new stations to improve connections within the central area of Gothenburg.

A feasibility study will be made over the next six months to investigate different options and the results will be presented for consideration this summer.

The study will be made by representatives of a group consisting of Banverket (Swedish National Track Administration), the region of Västra Götaland, Västtrafik AB, the Gothenburg Region’s Municipal Federation and the City of Gothenburg. Lars Hansson of the Gothenburg Town Planning Office told T&TI that the configuration could either be twin single track tunnels or an up to 12m wide double track tunnel, although this could change. Hansson said, "Gothenburg lies mostly on clays with some parts rock. It will probably be constructed using a mix of cut and cover and conventional drill and blast."

Work on the tunnel will not be able to start before 2006 with completion being approximately five years later. The length of the tunnel will depend on the route chosen but will be between 3-4km and the cost is expected to be in the region of $673M (+/- $192M depending on the solution chosen).

"Those who will benefit from the new line will presumably be interested in contributing to the funding", points out Göran Sewring of Banverket. This means that the State and the region will be expected to contribute a large portion of the funding The new tunnel will not only contribute to solving existing capacity problems but will also be an important contribution in strengthening the competitiveness of rail transport in the region and will furthermore contribute to forming an efficient transport system for the west of Sweden.

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