Alun Thomas, Minova’s tunnelling director for Europe said, “Tekfkex DS-W is a flexible bonded spray applied waterproofing membrane so it offers a very space efficient waterproofing solution for tunnels in rock and soft ground which can bridge any cracks that might occur in the future due to ground movements. In the Scandinavian context, this solution can lead to smaller tunnels by avoiding the traditional, expensive frost protection/dripshed layers. This reduces cost and environmental impact. The ITAtech guidelines provide advice on how best to use this type of product.

“Minova worked closely with Bane Nor to develop an application guide as surface preparation and workmanship are critical with this type of product. Our test programme over the last 2 years has demonstrated the durability of Tekflex DS-W since its performance improves over time.

“Their requirements basically follow the ITAtech guidelines with additional requirements for performance in cold weather. Tekflex DS-W satisfies the ITAtech requirements so it is suitable anywhere. This additional approval after the full scale trial in Norway has demonstrated the efficacy of Tekflex DS-W in the particular conditions of the Scandinavian environment so approval by clients in other countries of the region is expected to follow soon.”