Gamal Sinurat, Head of the Spatial Planning Agency, said on 9 July 2014 that the underground construction of Monas will begin next year. At this moment, the construction plan has entered the revising master plan design phase and detail engineering design (DED) phase.

"Back then when the governor was still on duty, DED and master plan direction were revised by an appointed consultant," said Gamal. Moreover, he said that the revision can be finished in the next two to three months.

Gamal said that the construction of the Monas underground facility (parking lot) will be funded by the regional budget. However, he refused to provide detailed information. He also claimed that the construction will not disrupt Monas as it will be using advanced technology. When the construction is finished, the new underground facility will cover around 40 acres of Monas’ ground, half of the total above-ground coverage.