The consortium of Soletanche Bachy International, Bachy Soletanche Singapore, Bessac and Gammon will use the HF8c for the construction of the diaphragm wall to create the main enclosure and entrances for the future Ang Mo Kio metro station. The wall will be 1000mm and 1200mm thick and have a maximum depth of 60m.

A Hydrofraise HC05 will also be used.

The HF8c can reach depths up to 90m, while keeping its footprint small, so it is suited to the constraints site in the heart of Singapore in a dense urban environment. Soletanche Bachy says the machine’s grippers mean it has sufficient thrust to drill the hard ground typical of Singapore, such as the granite of Bukit Timah.

It took two weeks to dismantle the 180-tonne HF8c into its 4,400 unique parts before it was shipped from Antwerp, Belgium.

The consortium was awarded the CR116 contract in July 2021. The works comprise delivery of the station, located in the heart of the densely populated Ang Mo Kio district, as well as its six entrances, two underpasses built using pipe jacking, and two tunnels, with a combined length of 1.2km, bored by a 7m diameter TBM.