Finnish nuclear disposal research organisation Posiva and Swedish nuclear management company SKB cast in stone a new three-year cooperation contract for the research and development of nuclear fuel final disposal earlier this month.

President of Posiva Reijo Sundell said, “Several years of cooperation between Posiva and SKB have been a great advantage for both parties and as the companies are now proceeding to the construction stage of the final disposal facilities, it is more than well-justified to continue the contract.”

SKB managing director Claes Thegerstrom added, “The joint development of the final disposal technology means that the resources of the companies are utilised effectively and the outcome is better than when operating alone.”

SKB submitted a license application in spring to construct a final disposal facility in Forsmark, Sweden, with an encapsulation plant in Oskarshamn. A decision will be made in 2014 with possible construction to follow in 2025. Posiva has been constructing its Onkalo facility since 2004, which reached its final disposal depth last year. Posiva will submit a license application for the final disposal facility itself next year, with actual disposal scheduled for 2020.

Final disposal facilities are typically located deep in hard, stable rock. Scandinavia’s hard granite makes it a perfect site.