Pingshandong No. 2 is 130m long and weighs 3,800 tons. It will be deployed on the SSSG-3 section of the Shenzhen-Shenshan Cooperation Zone Railway Station Project.

The 4.6km-long shield section tunnel is a single bore with a maximum longitudinal slope of 28%. The tunnel will run parallel with the Xiamen-Shenzhen high-speed railway and pass under a river and residential neighborhoods.

The geology of the alignment comprises argillaceous sandstone, limestone, glutenite and granite strata, including 240m of karst development, 1,200m of granite strata and three faults.

To meet the challenges of the geology and long-distance tunnelling, the TBM is equipped with a composite cutterhead, telescopic main drive, double crushing system, high-efficiency material transport system, and box culvert fine-tuning device.

The cutterhead is painted with images of mountains, rivers and seven high-speed railways trains.