The EUR 3.1bn bypass is a 21km road that features 18km of twin-tube tunnels around the Swedish capital. Drill and blast excavation will have a standard cross section of 125m2 (three lanes).

A spokesperson for Siemens said of the contract, “Siemens Mobility will cooperate with Eltel Networks Infranet AB, a leading northern European supplier of technical services for critical infrastructure networks. The contract includes the facility's comprehensive control and monitoring system, which controls safety functions throughout the tunnels.

“In addition, Siemens Mobility will provide a communications platform, camera surveillance, radio and mobile telephone network and fire and incident detection systems. Prior to installation, Siemens Mobility will provide a comprehensive design for the monitoring and communications systems. Eltel will assist in the design and delivery of the system and will execute installation work in the area. Siemens Mobility will operate and provide maintenance throughout the system together with Eltel.”