Nishimatsu Construction, three of its senior executives and a former official with the Land Transport Authority (LTA) have been charged following the Nicoll Highway collapse in April 2004, which killed four workers. Nishimatsu, together with design manager Kazuo Shimada, project co-ordinator Paul Broome, and project director Shun Sugawara, have been charged under Singapore’s Factories Act.

Former LTA official, Ng Seng Yoong, has been charged under the Building Control Act. Shimada and Broome could face additional charges under the penal code.

Nishimatsu face a fine of up to US$118,000 while the men could be jailed for up to two years and fined up to US$118,000. Nishimatsu and its executives were charged with failing to take all “reasonably practicable steps” to ensure that its site was safe. Shimada, Broome and Nishimatsu were also charged with failing to ensure the worksite was properly built and maintained. Ng is accused of failing to exercise “due diligence and reasonable care” in monitoring excavation works.