At BBT’s H41 Sill Gorge-Pfons site, where the tubbing ring segments are produced directly on the construction site, saving approx 27,000 lorry transports, there has been another careful choice aimed at increasing the environmental compatibility of the project area.

The power substation at the H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge construction site, which was built in 2018-2019 in what was at that time the H33 Tulfes-Pfons construction lot as part of an agreement with the Innsbruck municipal company IKB (Innsbrucker Kommunalbetriebe), is divided into two separate parts.

In the half of the building used by the BBT, the transformers and switchboards for rail traction will be installed, which will then supply power during the outfitting phase and during the operational phase of the tunnel. The half used by IKB, on the other hand, has already been supplying the neighbouring city of Innsbruck with electricity for some years.

A special feature of the power substation is the roof, which is green because of the vegetation planted on it. This is no accident, but rather a specific design choice. In fact, the roof provides several environmental benefits thanks to the plants on it.

These include microclimate mitigation as compared to a conventional roof during the summer and increased thermal insulation during the winter, energy savings and reduced air pollution due to oxygen production. In addition, this green roof can reduce noise pollution and limit the speed of water runoff, which is particularly useful during heavy rainfall.

“Nature and biodiversity are not secondary issues for the Brenner Base Tunnel project”, says Ivan Zamberlan, lot controller at the H41 Sill-Pfons Gorge construction site. “In addition to the Ahrental tubbing ring factory, this other design choice in this project area helps to preserve the surrounding environment. Furthermore, the fruitful cooperation between BBT SE and IKB allows both companies to effectively pursue their goals, to the benefit of all citizens and the future generations who will live in the project area”.