Tokyo’s metropolitan authority has prepared plans for a 9km long tunnel under the Japanese capital as part of a 16km extension to the city’s outer loop-road. The project faces opposition from residents, as the scheme will result in the demolition of thousands of houses. The road tunnel is planned to run from Nerima to Mitaka in western Tokyo as part of a highway link to the Kanetsu, Chuo and Tomei expressways and five major roads, including Ome Kaido. The city council is also planning to build an above ground highway network to complement the tunnel system. Plans for an extension to the outer loop were initially put forward 36 years ago, but the scheme was postponed following massive opposition from residents. “Construction of the tunnel would result in fewer than 1,000 houses being demolished,” one opponent said. “But the development of the above ground road network, … is likely to result in the demolition of up to 3,000 homes.”