Just three months remain before the launch of Third International Conference on Shaft Design and Construction. T&T will publish the proceedings. Contact T&T sales manager Jim Moore on jim.moore@tunnelsandtunnelling.com for further information.

Set to run from 24 to 26 April at 1 Carlton House Terrace, London, UK, the event is organised by IOM Communications, on behalf of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3).

The event is co-sponsored by the BTS and endorsed by the ITA and follows on from past UK conferences. The Shaft Sinking and Tunnelling conference in 1959 and the Shaft Engineering conference in 1989 both covered the topic globally. The 2012 conference will target design and construction professionals worldwide covering civil engineering and mine shafts, including all areas of design and construction.

The programme will cover all aspects of shaft design and sinking, including planning, geotechnical and hydrogeological data acquisition, ground temporary support, permanent lining design, construction materials, excavation methods, ground water control, shaft furnishings, rehabilitation, performance monitoring and risk management, with specific case studies.