TTC intends to procure metro size TBMs for the twin bored tunnels for the proposed Relief Line South (RLS) subway transit line. TTC will make these TBMs available for the tunnelling contractor who will be responsible for TBM operation and maintenance.

The TTC is requesting an Expression of Interest (EOI) from entities interested in the design, fabrication, and providing technical and maintenance support during the construction of tunnelling activities for the TBMs.

The purpose of this Request for Expression of Interest (RFEOI) is to gauge interest in the TBM procurement and gather information for the development of the contracts. Responses to the RFEOI will i) provide feedback from potential proponents to help develop the contract, and ii) provide a basis for further questions and identify participants for the subsequent Market Sounding exercise.

While submission of an EOI is not a prerequisite for participating in the eventual procurement process for the TBMs, interested entities are encouraged to submit an EOI with detailed comments.

On March 7 the City Council approved the TTC's 10-year transit expansion capital plan that included funding to support a schedule improvement strategy for the project. This new funding will allow for early work opportunities including the TBM procurement, as well as property acquisition and utility relocation.

Further funding commitment to finalize design and proceed with construction of the project will still be required.