The lift is an aerial work platform specifically designed for tunnelling and similar construction applications. The Hybeko Tunnel Lift is based on a Genie GS-3390 RT scissor lift, which is engineered to help contractors work safely and productively on challenging sites.

Espen Johannessen, Hybeko CEO, said: “This was really unexpected and we are delighted and honoured to have received this highly esteemed Product of the Year award.

“Tunnelling and construction are key activity sectors in Norway and our goal was to develop a high quality machine able to provide the safe, fast, low-emission operation adapted to the specific requirements of both fields of application.”

The main features of this model include minimal exhaust emissions and maximum working heights of 8m or 11.94m, a lift capacity of up to 1,134kg.

It also offers the choice of 45/29 sec or 32/19 sec platform raise/lower speeds, and an extra-large platform for up to seven people. To adapt the machine to tunnelling applications, a cable drum on stand, towing support and air/water to platform hose feature among a wide selection of other options and accessories.