He noted that the tunnel along the seabed will connect to the Baku Ring Road, and thus allow automobiles to move east and west of the city from the north and south without entering the downtown Baku.

However, the State Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning doesn’t give consent to the Baku Bay Sea Bridge project. Head of the Department of International Relations and Information under the Committee Jahangir Gojayev said that in the first place Khazri wind (a name of the cold north Caspian Sea wind) doesn’t allow automobiles to constantly move on the Baku Bay Sea Bridge.

"Besides that, it will deform the view of the Baku Bay. At the same time, construction of the underground tunnel calls for a relatively less amount of funding. A proportion of about 0.9km of the underground tunnel will be above the surface. This part will be constructed from the sea port to Nobel avenue," Gojayev said.

The tunnel will start in Bayil, several hundred metres away from the Bahram Gur monument, and end near the old building of the Marine Port. The tunnel will adjoin the side of the Boulevard and be covered by soil, and therefore, the width of the Boulevard will be enlarged by 20-30m.

Unlike the bridge, the length of the tunnel is going to be approximately 3.6km.

The population density in Baku has brought about the traffic congestion in the capital. About 730,000 out of 1,300,000 vehicles in the country have concentrated in Baku, according to Rustamov.