Across the last two years the twin TBMs have been leading the progress on the underground segments of the western parts of the extension.

Once complete the project will bring the Eglinton Crosstwon LRT services 9.2 kilometres further west than before with seven new stations being constructed along the route.

During their journey, Rexy and Renny cleared approximately 1.2 million tonnes of soil and rock, installed more than 52,000 pre-cast concrete segments, ultimately building 7,433 rings to support the tunnel walls.

The Eglinton Crosstown West Extension is being constructed by WestEnd Connectors Construction, consisting of Dragados Canada, Inc., Aecon Infrastructure Management Inc., and Ghella Canada Ltd.

The 750-tonne, 131-metre-long TBMS excavated through the earth to construct two parallel tunnels stretching 6.3 kilometers from Renforth Drive in Mississauga to west of Scarlett Road in Etobicoke, where the future line will come to the surface and transition to a 1.5-kilometre elevated section.

Work will now continue at the extraction shaft to lay the foundations and form the structure of the future tunnel portal.

Over the months to come, crews will finish up work on the passageways that connect the tunnels.

Crews are also preparing work sites from east of Jane Street and Mount Dennis Station to excavate the eastern underground section of the line, which will connect the extension to future Eglinton Crosstown LRT service.