Located along the southeast section of Line 15 between the stations of Noisy-Champs and Créteil l’Échat, the 17 shafts will have various functions, including for ventilation, smoke extraction and for emergency services’ access; shaft diameters will range from 15-25m and be sunk to depths of 30-50m.

Primary work involves creating the structures and installing electrical systems, pipework, heating, ventilation and air conditioning within the shafts. At its peak, the project will involve over 200 people. The work began in January 2021 and will take around six years to complete.

Vinci Group subsidiaries are involved in other works packages of the Grand Paris Express, including underground and railway works, urban development, IT, data and electrical engineering.

The Grand Paris Express is a 205km orbital network that will make the Paris metro one of the largest in the world. The expanded network is designed to cater for an increase in passengers from 8.5 million to 10.5 million/day and allow intra-suburban journeys without having to first travel into the city centre. The entire programme comprises four new lines (15, 16, 17 and 18) and the extension of two existing lines (11 and 14). Work began in June 2016 and opening will be phased between 2022 and 2030.