Ahead of the 75th Anniversary of the Queensway tunnel next year but on time approximately 15,000 people took part in a walk through the 3.2km long tube below the Mersey before getting the ferry back.

The closure for the walk was the fourth time in the tunnel’s history and was a celebration of a key feature of the Liverpool as it is the 2008 the European Capital of Culture (pre-1999 the celebration was called the European City of Culture). Last year, the tunnel won plaudits as the safest structure of its kind and age in Europe.

The single tube was refurbished and upgraded with a series of safety refuges added below the road deck by the owner and operator, Merseytravel (T&TI, February 2006, p24-26). The tunnel’s sister tube, Kingsway is twin bore and opened in 1971.

A mass walk through the Queensway Tunnel in Liverpool as part of the city’s celebration as 2008 European Capital of Culture