The work on the track laying was suspended due to a number of operations that had to be conducted, SK MOST Group announced. Form December 2011 to September 2012, the builders were working on providing enlarged tunnel portions. Workers also conducted the concreting of the inverted vault and put in place water drain gutters and water drainage profiling. In addition, Lovat-394 TBM that was used for tunnelling has been disassembled, and a 150m long section on the northern tunnel entry side, which was worked out by the mining method, has received its permanent lining.

Workers started the track installation operations on Adler – "Alpika-Service" combined motorway and railway last year. The first test train ran along the new track on 15 December 2011 from Picket Zero to the southern tunnel entry of Tunnel No. 3 located at 24km of the route. The overall tunnel is 4,615m.