Coinciding the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the ITA, WTC2024 will attract more than 3000 expert representatives from 79 member countries. This congress features the theme of “Tunnelling For a Better Life” and focuses on the sustainable development and energy conservation of tunnel engineering and the application of the low-carbon and intelligent construction technologies.

This congress have planned 89 sessions of conferences with the theme of “Tunnelling for a Better Life”. The conferences will focus on the following main topics.


8?Waterproofing and Drainage

15?Occupational Health and Safety


9?Geological Prediction and Geophysical Prospecting

16?New materials


10?Instrumentation and Monitoring/Testing and Inspection

17? Digital and Information Technology

  1. Ground Stability

11?Ventilation and Aerodynamics

18?Immersed/Floating Tunnels

5?Support and Lining

12?Maintenance and Repair


6?Conventional Tunnelling

13?Operational Safety

20?Underground Caverns/Underground Space Use 

7?Mechanized Tunneling (TBM, shield)

14?Tunnel Renovation and Upgrading

21? Contractual Practices and Risk Management

The congress, which will last 7 days, is consist of an opening ceremony, 89 sessions of meetings, 7 technical visits, 6 themed gala dinners, 1 industrial exhibition and the global paper submission showcase. More than a thousand authors have submitted their papers and the review is in progress. Currently, nearly 200 leading experts in the industry from more than 40 countries all around the world have participated in the organization, operation and academic communication of WTC.

The offline exhibition covers the entire industry chain of tunnelling and underground engineering. This congress has an exhibition area of 20000?, reaching a record high. By the end of October, 2023, the participation of more than 100 leading global companies are confirmed. High quality exhibitors make WTC a industry communication platform for companies at home and abroad to create global opportunities.

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