GEOCONTROL is a private engineering company, incorporated in 1982, which offers advanced and innovative technical solutions using its own methodology (Active Structural Design) in the design of Underground Works (tunnels, shafts and caverns) within Transport (subway, railways, roads), Energy (hydropower plants), Water (water supply) and Mining (open pit mining and underground mines) sectors.

The company provides worldwide services in these disciplines: Geotechnical Factual & Interpretative Report (GFR-GIR), Civil Works and Safety Installations.

Based on more than 40 years of wide experience, GEOCONTROL has participated in the design (NATM, TBM, EPB, Cut&Cover) of more than 1.185 Km of tunnels.


General Manager: Benjamin Celada,

Technical Department: Mario Fernández,

Department of Corporate Development: Laura Celada,

Department of International Business Development: Jorge Picón